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  • Your business is something more than a place where you earn money. Rather, we believe you must treat it like an organic being that interacts, grows, evolves and, if not taken care of, dies.
  • In such a scenario, it is important to assess the health of your business on a regular basis.

Every business needs to grow; even if you’re happy with your current performance, you need to be constantly looking for ways to develop. If you don’t, you risk allowing your competitors the room to grow and take market share from you.

We at MAC CONSULTING provide a company health check, where we can look at your business with fresh eyes so that we can look at many different aspects of your current business performance and the factors that determine future business performance.


Benefits of a Company Health Check

  • The value of the business health check comes from three sources:
  • Completing our Company health check questionnaire may make you acknowledge issues and uncertainties.
  • Your internal feedback to yourself – the health check helps you to identify what needs to be done and can give you an incentive to do it.
  • External feedback on your answers in the business health check questionnaire.

Basic Package (€300.00)

  • General Business Efficiency
  • Risk status
  • Competitiveness

Promotional Package to include all of the above + the following: (€750.00)

  • Market Intelligence
  • Corporate Image
  • Available Finance
  • Management Information and Business Controls

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